How to Create a Google News Sitemap with OSMap

Google News is an excellent source of traffic for many sites.

To help Google find your new articles, Google wants you to submit a specially-formatted sitemap which only lists content added in the last 2 days.

Here's how to create a valid sitemap for Google News, using OSMap.

  • Create a menu item for the sitemap using "XML Format"
  • Under the "Sitemap Settings" tab of the menu parameters, fill in the "News Publication Name"
  • Go to Components > OSMap.
  • OSMap will automatically create a sitemap based on your menu links.
  • Check to make sure that all your Google News content is listed in the sitemap by clicking the "HTML" link, as shown in the image below. If your news content is not included, make a menu link to the content. OSMap relies on menu links to index your content.

How to Create a Google News Sitemap with OSMap

  • Now we can click the "News" link to get the Google News sitemap.

xml link

submit your google news map

  • Google Search Console will display the "Sitemap Submitted Successfully" message:sitemap submitted successfully