How to Create an OSMap Pro Sitemap for HikaShop

OSMap Pro integrates with HikaShop. You just need to make sure you downloaded and installed HikaShop XMap sitemap plugin.

We'll walk you through the process of integrating OSMap Pro and Hikashop:

Xmap plugin installed and enabled

Excellent! Your OSMap Pro integration with HikaShop Starter is all set.

  • Go to Components > OSMap Pro:

Go to Components > OSMap Pro

You will see the OSMap Pro: Sitemaps page with the Default Sitemap sitemap listed:

Default sitemap created out of the box

Your sitemap will include links to this content and display them to your site visitors.

  • Go to Components > HikaShop > Categories:

Create a few dummy categories:

HikaShop category tree

Create a few dummy HikaShop products. You should end up a list of products in your HikaShop store:

HikaShop list of dummy products

Nearly done! All you have left to do now is to create a front-end menu item linked to your sitemap.

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item

Main menu > Add New Menu Item

You will see the Menus: New Item administrative page.

  • Give your menu item title Site Map
  • Click on the Select blue button for the Menu Item Type setting:

Click on the select blue button

You will see the Menu Item Type modal box.

  1. Click on the OSMap Pro link
  2. Click on the Sitemap - HTML Format link

Click on Sitemap - HTML Format

  • Click on the Change gray button for the Choose a sitemap setting:

Click on the Change gray button

You will see a white modal box with the Default Sitemap sitemap:

White modal box with the default sitemap

  • Click on the Default Sitemap. You will now see the sitemap inside the Choose a sitemap field:

Sitemap name inside the field

  • Click the Save green button:

Click Save

  • Now go to your site front end. Click Site Map

Click Site Map

You will now see your OSMap Pro sitemap. Including the links to your HikaShop content:

OSMap Pro sitemap