What Are the Pro Features of OSMap?

These features are exclusive to the OSMap Pro version.

Support for extra extensions

OSMap Free supports the Joomla core. OSMap Pro provides plugins for extra extensions. 

Powerful caching

For medium to large sites, there is database caching in OSMap Pro.

This will save on server resources, as well as provide a faster load time for users and search engines.

OSMap Pro can ignore menu items

If you don't want to include a URL in your sitemap, edit the menu item from Menus > your menu > your menu item.

  1. Click the Metadata tab.
  2. Set Robots to no index, no follow.
What Are the Pro Features of OSMap?

OSMap Pro can ignore articles

If you don't want to include an article in your sitemap, edit from Content > Article manager > your article

  1. Got to the Publishing tab.
  2. Set Robots to no index, no follow.

The same instructions apply for categories from Content > Category manager > your category.