How to Remove Links from an OSMap Sitemap

Remove links from the Sitemap

To remove items from the sitemap, go to:

  • Components -> OSMap.
  • Click the Edit Links icon next to your sitemap.

edit links

  • You will see a green check mark next to each link, as in the image below:
Links in a OSMap HTML sitemap
  • Click a green check mark to turn it into a red X. This means the link will not appear in your sitemap.
Removing links from a Joomla HTML sitemap
In some cases, you can see an alert icon, instead of the green or red marks.
osmap hidden item
That means the item will not be displayed in the sitemap. This can happen if the item is:
  • Duplicated: To avoid duplication of content, we do not display items with the same UID or which points to the same page. The UID is not displayed by default, but you can enable it in the component's options.
  • An External Link: By default, any external link will be hidden. There is an option to change that behavior in the component's settings.
  • Sub-level or child of an unpublished item: If a parent item is unpublished, all its child items will be unpublished too.

You can hover over the alert icon to see why the item was disabled.