How to Contol Permissions to OSMeta

How to Allow a Joomla User Backend Administration Access Only to OSMeta

Documentation for Joomla 3

OSMeta does allow you to control who has access to the OSMeta admin screen. In this tutoiral, you will learn how to create a user with who can update all the metadata in OSMeta.

Here is how the Joomla administrator panel will look like for an OSMeta meta data backend administrator:

final result

These are the steps we will follow:

  1. Create a new Joomla user group
  2. Create a new Joomla access level
  3. Allow the required user access to OSMeta
  4. Deny the required user access to other components
  5. Test the final result.

Let's walk through this process step by step. For this tutorial, I will be working with OSMap Pro but you can apply the same instructions to OSMeta Free as well.

Step #1. Create a new Joomla user group

  • In your Joomla administrator panel, go to "Users" > "Groups" > "Add new group":

go to groups add new group

  • You will see the "Users: Groups" screen. In the top left corner, click "New":

click new

  • This will open the "Users: New Group" screen. Enter the title of your new group into the "Group Title" filed. For my demonstration, I entered "Meta Data Editors":

create new group for your meta data editors

  • Leave the "Public" group as the parent group and click "Save & Close" at the top of the screen:

click save and close

Good job! You are ready to move on to the next step.

Step #2. Create a new Joomla access level

  • Go to "Users" > "Access Levels" > "Add New Access Level":

go to users access levels add new access level

You will be taken to the "Users: New Viewing Access Level" screen.

  • Add a title into the "Level Title" field.
  • Click inside the checkbox next to the user group you created in the previous step.
  • Click "Save & Close":

create new access level

Great! You are now ready to allow the required Joomla user access to the OSMeta administrator interface.

Step #3. Allow the required user access to OSMeta administrator interface

  • Go to "Components" > "OS Meta Pro":

go to components osmeta pro

  • This will open the "OSMeta Meta Tags Manager" screen to you. In the top right corner of the screen, click "Options":

click options

  • You will arrive at the OSMeta Pro configuration screen. On the left, click on the name of the group you created in Step #1. For my demonstration, I will click on the "Meta Data Editors":

click meta data editors

  • Switch the "Access Administration Interface" setting from "Inherited" to "Allowed":

set access administratrion interface to allowed

  • Click "Save" at the top of the screen.

Excellent! Your required Joomla user now has the access to OSMeta Pro administration interface. 

But if you log into your Joomla administrator panel as this user, you will see that this user still has access to other components. In the next step, you will deny such access to this user. 

Step #4. Deny the required user access to other components

  • On the left side of the screen, locate the "COMPONENT" column. Those are the components you want to deny your meta data administrator access to.
  • Let's start with the "Articles" component.
  • Click "Articles":

click articles

  • You will be taken to the "Articles: Options" screen. Click the "Permissions" tab:

click the permissions tab

  • Click on the name of the user group you created for your meta data editor:

click on the meta data editors group

  • Switch the "Access Administrator Interface" parameter to "Denied":

switch the access administrator interface to denied

  • Click "Save".
  • Repeat the same steps for the rest components.

Step #5. Test the final result

  • Log in to the administrator panel of your Joomla site as the user you assigned to be your OSMeta Pro backend administrator.

You should see that OSMeta Pro is the only component this user has access to:

final result