How to Set OSTimer to Restart Automatically

Rather than hide the module after the countdown finishes, you can also restart the clock. This is a useful feature if you're using the timer for marketing purposes, as many OSTimer users do. In the Restart Interval option under the Module tab, you can decide when the time restarts:

Restart Interval parameter

When you leave the Days, Hours and Minutes fields empty, the module will display the message "Time's Up" when the countdown finishes:

Time's Up displayed

Now you have an option to keep automatically resetting your promotional offer countdown in days, minutes and seconds.

For example, to keep automatically extending your marketing offer every 5 days, add 5 into the Days field and click Save. OSTimer will reset the timer adding 5 days to the countdown:

Countdown has been reset to 5 days

  • Go to Extensions > Modules > OSTimer Pro and open it up for editing
  • At the bottom of the Module tab, locate the Restart Interval parameter
  • Populate the Days, Hours and Minutes fields
  • Click Save or Save & Close.