Getting Started with OSVimeo

OSVimeo is our plugin to embed Vimeo videos in your Joomla articles.

This plugin is so easy to use that you'll love it!

Here's how to use OSVimeo:

#1. Download and Install

You can download OSVimeo from this page.

#2. Plugin params

  • Go to Extensions > Plugins > Content - Vimeo Video Embedding.
  • Make sure the plugin is enabled.
OSVimeo Joomla
  • If you want your videos adapt to any screensize, make sure the Responsive options is set to Yes.
  • The Width and Height params define the embed size and will work only when the Responsive params is set to No.

#3. Add a Vimeo video

  • Go to and find the video you want to use. Copy the URL of the video.
  • Go to Content >> Article manager and edit an article.
  • Paste the Vimeo URL into your article, as in the image below:
OSVimeo Joomla
  • Now, if you check this article, this will be the result:
OSVimeo Joomla

Video guide to OSVimeo