Getting Started with OSWistia

OSWistia is our plugin to embed Wistia videos in your Joomla articles.

This plugin is so easy to use that you'll love it!

#1. Download and Install

You can download OSWistia from this page.

#2. Plugin Params

  • Go to Extensions > Plugins > Content - OSWistia.
  • Make sure the plugin is enabled.
  • If you want your videos adapt to any screensize, make sure the Responsive options is set to Yes.
  • The Width and Height params define the embed size and will work only when the Responsive params is set to No.


  • Go to your Wistia account and find the video you want to use.
  • Copy the id of the video into an article, as below:
  • Publish the article.
  • It's really that easy!