Pro Features of OSYouTube

These features are exclusive to the OSYouTube Pro version.

To access, go to Extensions > Plugins > Content - OSYouTube Pro and customize the elements for the video player.

  1. Controls. Display the controls of the video.
  2. Hide YouTube logo. Hide YouTube logo during playback.
  3. Fullscreen. Enable fullscreen button.
  4. Loop. Allow loop mode, where the video plays continually. Please note: YouTube has given this parameter limited support in the AS3 player and in IFrame embeds, which could load either the AS3 or HTML5 player.
  5. HTML5 Player. Force the HTML5 player if possible. Please note: This setting is not officially in YouTube's API and is not always honored by YouTube. But, it significantly increases the chances of the HTML5 player appearing depending on the user's browser.
  6. Related videos. Set whether to display related videos from all the YouTube channels of from the same channel with the video being played. Works once the playback is paused or finished.
  7. Theme. Choose one of the available themes
  8. Scrollbar color. Choose of the available colors for the scrollbar
  9. Autohide controls. Choose predefined options
  10. Player preference. Choose between Flash or Auto (the browser may use HTML5 if supported)`
  11. Sounds off. This one's not a parameter. You'd add &sound=off to the end of the YouTube URL. Please note: It only works one clip per page.
  12. When to load. Experimental: this option will load the YouTube video either during a page load or after. 'During' is the way it's usually done. 'After' gives it a significant speed boost, which can help for SEO and also make the page load quicker for the user. However, the YouTube video would get loaded after all the other content has loaded. So do a few page loads to see if this looks good on your particular page, just in case.
  13. No cookies. Set to 'Yes' to always force use of Youtube's 'no cookies' option
osyoutube pro settings