How to Create a Google Analytics Account

Shack Analytics allows you to track and analyze visitors' traffic to and engagement with your Joomla site using Google Analytics. 

In this document, you will learn how to create a free Google Analytics account.

Step #1. Sign up for a free Gmail account

create google account

  • Once you finished creating your Google account, stay logged into it.

Step #2. Sign up for a Google Analytics account

click signup button

You will be taken to the Analytics - New Account screen. Enter your account details:

  1. Account Name: Enter your Google Analytics account name.
  2. Website Name: Enter your website name.
  3. Website URL: Enter your website URL.
  4. Industry Category: Select an industry category relevant to your website profile.
  5. Reporting Time Zone: Select a time zone in which your site operates.

enter your google analytics account details

Scroll down the page and click the Get Tracking ID blue button:

click get tracking id

  • You will see the "Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement" box. Check the two boxes to agree with the main and additional terms of service and click the I Accept button:

click i accept

  • You will be taken to your Google Analytics account administrative screen.