Shack Article Layouts Configuration Options

Shack Article Layouts allows you to display your articles in many attractive layouts. This extension is perfect for creating homepages, or landing pages for blogs, portfolios, testimonials and other content.

In the administrator parameters you have options so you can decide which articles to show, and how to display them. You can select article categories, ordering, quantity, layout and much more.

Basic settings

  • Categories. Choose the categories from which you want to show articles.
  • Filter articles. Filter the articles to display. You can display only featured articles, no featured or all.
  • Ordering by. Choose the ordering based on dates or titles
  • Orderring direction. Choose the ordering of the articles. Ascending: older to newer or A to Z. Descending: newer to older or Z to A.
  • Number of articles to show. Choose the maximum number of articles to display.
  • Layout. Use a layout from the supplied module or overrides in the templates.
  • Columns. Number of columns for the grid.

shack article layouts - getting started

Display Options

  • Image. If available, an article image can be displayed. Choose from: first image in article, intro image and full article image.
  • Link image. Link the image to the full article page.
  • Title. The article title can be displayed.
  • Link title. Link the title to the full article page.
  • Content. The article's content can be displayed. Choose from intro text and full text.
  • Character limit. Trim the text after a certain number of characters. 0 means all the content will be displayed.
  • Prepare content. Optionally prepare the content to add support to Content Plugins.
  • Read more. The 'read more' button can be displayed.
  • Date. The article date can be displayed. Choose from: created, published and modified date.
  • Author. The article author can be displayed.
  • Category. The article category can be displayed.

shack article layouts - getting started


  • Color scheme. Choose a color scheme. This may apply to elements such as buttons and links. The result depends on the layout.

shack article layouts - getting started


  • Load jQuery. Load jQuery only when the Layout need it and the template doesn't load it by default.
  • Match Height. Automatically set the same height for all the articles.

shack article layouts - getting started

End result

By using the settings above, this would be the end result. This example uses cover layout. You can preview all the available layouts from this page.

shack article layouts - getting started