What Is Shack Editorial Calendar?

Thanks for installing Shack Editorial Calendar, the best editorial drag-and-drop calendar extension for Joomla.

It allows you to schedule or re-schedule publication dates of a large amount of your Joomla articles.

Scheduling articles publication in Joomla core

Joomla is a powerful Content Management System. Its core publishing capabilities however are limited.

To schedule multiple articles in Joomla core,  you have to set the publication date of every article individually:

publication time of a single article

This means you have to open your multiple articles one by one. This is time consuming.

Scheduling articles publication in Shack Editorial Calendar

Shack Editorial Calendar gives you a monthly calendar view with your Joomla articles:

monthly calendar view with articles

Drag your required articles to their required publication day and drop them there.

Let's see it in action.

Let's assume you somehow ended up with 10 articles scheduled to get published on the same day, the 19-th of September:

ten articles scheduled to get published on one day

You would like to spread them evenly throughout the rest of the week, two articles a day.

  • To achieve that, drag and drop each of the articles on the preferred day:


Every article you move to a new publication day on the Shack Editorial Calendar will inherit the publication start time.

You can change it if required. Click on the article and edit the time: