How to Create a Field with Countries in Shack Forms

You can easily create a field with countries in Shack Forms.

This will allow you to ask the form sender what country they live in:

Create a field with countries in Shack Forms

For the purpose of this tutorial, we assume you already created a basic form:

basic form to enhance with countries

Let's get started.

  • Open your Shack Form for editing.
  • Go to the Module tab.
  • Click Add New Field:

click add new field

  • Enter Your Country or any other text into the Field label field:

enter select your country

  1. Click inside the Field type field.
  2. Click Select list:

click on select list option

  • Enter three sample countries inside the Values field, separating them with the symbol of pipe |. For example Country A|Country B|Country C:

enter your list of countries

  • Enter - Select Country - into the Default option field:

enter select country into default option field

  • Drag-and-drop this field to be placed between the Email and Message fields:

enter select country into default option field

  • Go to Advanced tab and set the Load Advanced Select to No:

set load advanced select to no

  • Click Save & Close.

If you check your Shack Form now, you will see your field with the sample countries:

final result