How to Customize Emails Sent From Shack Forms

It is possible to customize the content of the emails sent out by Shack Forms.

You can customize your emails by using Shack Forms variables.

Introducing Shack Forms email variables

A Shack Form email variable is a small piece of code. 

You use this little snippet of code to insert a form related data to an auto-reply being sent to the form submitter or/and site administrator:

email variable with user name

When the form sender opens this auto-reply in their email client, they will see their actual name in it:

the autoreply received

Note: Please, keep in mind that auto-replies don't work by default. You need to enable them in the form's settings. Consult the corresponding Shack Forms documentation for more detailed instructions.

When one of your site visitors submits a Shack Form, the form automatically sends out an auto-reply. 

When the form sender or/and the site administrator receive their auto-replies, instead of the code they will see some personalized information.

That information can be what the sender entered into the form's field. For example, their name or email address.

Or it can be your site name, your site URL or some other information.

Or it can even be the form field label.

Two parts of a Shack Forms email variable

To work with the Shack Forms email variables, you need to learn what an email variable code consists of.

A Shack Forms email variable consists of the two parts divided by a dot.

Both parts have to be placed between the curly brackets.

the two parts of email variable

The field_alias bit between the opening curly bracket and the dot determines what information this email variable will display in auto-reply.

The .value bit remains intact.

Replace the field_alias text with the alias of the field which data you would like to be inserted in an auto-reply.

For example, you would like to insert the sender's name in the auto-reply being sent to the form submitters.

  • Make sure the alias of the field for collecting sender's name is name.
  • Enter {name.value} in your auto-reply text where you would like to display the form sender's name.

email variable with the user name

Once the sender submits their form, they will receive a personalized auto-reply referring to them by their name:

the personalized autoreply received

Email variables available in Shack Forms 

You can find what email variables are available for you in your Shack Form settings.

  • Go to the Email Template tab.
  • Scroll down the page to the Email variables setting. Click the Show / Hide button.

the email variables button

You will see the email variables:

10 some email variables

Bellow is the list of the email variables you may want to use in your Shack Form auto-replies:

  • {name.value} - User name.
  • {email.value} - User email.
  • {username.value} - Joomla Username if logged in.
  • {sent_on.value} - Date and time.
  • {ip_address.value} - User IP address.
  • {browser.value} - User browser name.
  • {os.value} - User operating system name.
  • {screen_resolution.value} - User screen resolution.
  • {title.value} - Page title.
  • {url.value} - Page URL.
  • {site_name.value} - Site name.
  • {mailto_name.value} - Name of the recipient selected by User from 'Mail to list' field.
  • {ticket.value} - Formatted ticket.
  • {files.value} - Links to uploaded files if 'Attachment type' set to 'Links to files'.

Additional Documentation

For more detailed examples of using the Shack Forms email variables visit the following resources: