How to Send Shack Forms Entries to Google Sheets

You can automatically store data submitted via your Shack Form in Google Sheets. This guide will show you how.

This guide will show you how.

First, you will need some preparation before attempting this tutorial:

  • Have a Shack Form created and ready to use.
  • Have a Google account and create a blank Google Sheet.

Now let's show you how to connect your Shack Form to your Google Sheet.

Inside your Shack Forms module, you want to click the "Integrations" tab.

On this tab, you want to click options "Yes" for the "Insert form data into a spreadsheet" setting.

Now you want to click the "Grant access" button of the "Google API Access Code" parameter.

grant access

  • Google will require you to approve access to your account. Click "Allow":

click allow

Note: in some circumstances, instead of this box, Google will show you a message saying that it was not a trusted app. In such a case, click the "Advanced" button, and then click "Trust anyway".


Google will give you a code. You want to copy that code:

02 copy this code

You want to go back to Shack Forms and paste this code into your "Google API Access Code" field.

Now would be a good time to save your module. 

Come back to the "Integrations" tab and your "Google API Access Code" box should now show in green, "Has access".

has access

You want to go to your Google Sheets account and find the ID number of your Sheet. It will be in the URL of the Spreadsheet:

You want to copy the part of the URL between the /d/ and the /edit. This bit is the ID of your Google Spreadsheet document. In my example, that bit is 1XlQaYdNYKnPYtJ5buUYIgTfjbEamEI9f5pMcqOT1o3I

Enter this ID into the "Document ID" field:

paste your document id number

You want to click "Get columns names".

get columns names

You should now see that Shack Forms connects to Google Sheets and fills in the columns:

the columns appeared

Now would be a good time to click "Save" or "Save & Close".

Now you can test your Shack Form. Go to the front of your site and fill in the details:

submit some test data

You will see that the form's data has been sent directly to Google Sheets: