How Shack Forms Complies with Data Privacy

Our Shack Forms component creates forms that are compliant with privacy regulations. 

The Options button

You can decide to store or not the users' private data.

  • Go to Components > Shack Forms Pro.
  • Click the Options button in the top right corner.

The Options button

Under the Component tab, you will see the Store GDPR Data option with Enabled and Disabled choices:

store gdpr data setting

  • When set to Enabled, your site will store user data sent via Shack Forms.
  • When set to Disabled, your site will not store any user data sent via Shack Forms.

You will find a brief description of the Store GDPR Data feature if you point your mouse to the Store GDPR Data label:


If you do choose to collect users' data, then users' email addresses, IP addresses, and browser versions will be stored:

list of messages

You will see this data on the main Shack Forms screen and also when you open an individual message:

user meta data

To comply with data privacy regulations, you must be able to delete users' data if they ask you to. That's where the next two Shack Forms features come into play. 

The Clear GDPR button 

You can clear users' private data stored with your Shack Forms Pro messages on a per message basis.

  1. Select the required message from the main Shack Forms screen.
  2. Click the Clear GDPR button.
  3. Click OK.

clear gdpr per message

If you check your list of Shack Forms messages, you will notice that the user's private data has been deleted:

user data cleared on the list screen

If you open the message itself, you will see that the user private data has been deleted there also:

user data cleared from the message

The Clear All GDPR button

You also have an option to delete private data for all your Shack Forms messages.

  • Click Clear All GDPR.

clear all gdpr

  • You will be prompted to confirm your choice. Click OK.

click ok

Shack Forms Pro will display a message, telling you that GDPR data has been cleared from [number of your messages] messages.

gdpr data cleared