How to Add Google's reCaptcha Spam Protection to Shack Forms

In this document, you will learn how to enable Google's reCAPTCHA spam prevention solution in your Shack Forms.

This is a three-step process:

  • Get Google's reCAPTCHA key
  • Enable the "Captcha - reCaptcha" plugin
  • Add Google's reCAPTCHA to Shack Forms.

Let's take a look at this process in more detail.

Step #1. Get the reCAPTCHA keys

First, you need to generate keys for your domain with Google.

button 1
  • Enter your site details such as label, domain and email owner:
register your site

Step #2. Enable the "Captcha - reCaptcha" plugin

  • Go back to your Joomla administrator panel.
  • Go to "Extensions" > "Plugin Manager".
  • Look for the "Captcha - reCaptcha" plugin.

In the options for this plugin, enter these details:

  • Version: Choose 2.0.
  • Site key and Secret key: Use the ones you generated in the previous step.
  • Theme: Choose any theme to your liking.
plugin settings

Don't forget to change the plugin status to "Published" and click "Save & Close" when you’re done.

  • Go to "System" > "Global configuration" > "Default captcha".
  • Choose "ReCaptcha".
  • Click "Save & Close".

Step #3. Add Google's reCAPTCHA to Shack Forms

Now you can add reCAPTCHA to Shack Forms.

  • Go to "Extensions" > "Modules".
  • Open your Shack Forms module.
  • Click the "Advanced" tab and you'll be able to choose the reCAPTCHAS for spam prevention. 


Here's a preview of how reCaptcha will look on your Shack Forms: