Why It's Important to Send Shack Forms Emails from Your Domain

Some Shack Forms users may see a message that says this:

"Set the ”From email” field in Global Configuration with the same domain as your site."

The message will appear like this:

email domains

Let me explain what this message means:

  • Go to System > Global Configuration.
  • Click the "Server" tab.
  • Enter an email address into the "From Email" field.

shack forms email domain

Here's the important part: the email address should match your website.

Don't enter a @gmail.com or @hotmail.com account. If your website is Joomlashack.com, the email address in this field should end in @joomlashack.com.

This is important to stop your emails from being marked as "Spam". This article has a great explanation of why this is important.