How to Show Shack Locations Maps in Articles and Modules

Shack Location is a Joomla component. This means that the best way to show maps is by creating a menu link to Shack Locations. However, it is also possible to add maps into Joomla articles.

Download and install Components Anywhere

Download and install Components Anywhere from here. Either free or pro version would work fine for this task.

Create a Shack Locations menu item

  • Go to Menus > Your menu > New
  • Menu item type: Shack Locations > Single Map
  • Required settings > Select the item. Here choose your map.
  • Save and close

Check the menu item id. You'll need it in the next step.

shack locations menu item

Embed the Shack Location Map in your article

While editing your article, paste the short code below by replacing the Itemid value with the one from previous step:
{component index.php?option=com_focalpoint&view=map&Itemid=1100}

shack locations articles shortcode

This technique will also work for "Custom HTML" modules. Just be sure to set the "Prepare Content" option to "Yes".

prepare content