What Is a Location Type in Shack Locations?

Shack Locations' Location Type feature is what makes an ordinary map a sophisticated and easily searchable map directory.

Location type definition

A location type is a single characteristic that defines a location and forms a smaller location sub-set.

This characteristic can be tangible. It can also be intengible.

For example, a location can be a large park. A location type in the context of a park could be one of the following:

  • Cafe
  • Tennis Court
  • Visitors Center
  • Refreshment Point
  • Playground
  • Football Pitch
  • Senior Playground

If you would create a map directory of your local parks, chances are, some of the parks may have one or more of the above location types.

For example, let's assume that all of your parks have a cafe. If this is a case, when you create a map directory of your parks with Shack Locations, you assign to all of the park locations the Cafe location type.

Now your site visitors interested in visiting your local parks where there is a cafe will be able to locate on your parks map all of the parks/locations that have a cafe.

Some of your park locations besides cafe location type may also have a tennis court location type.

Assing to those locations the Tennis Court location type, additionally to already assigned Cafe location type.

Now, park lovers searching your local parks map to find a park to play some tennis and relax in a cafe afterward, can get displayed only park locations with both a tennis court and a cafe.

This is in simple terms what a Shack Locations Location Type feature is all about.

This feature helps you to categorize your locations by a certain type. And thus it helps you create a locations directory searchable by your site visitors against those location types.

Location type showcase

To see a Shack Locations Location Types at work, take a look at the map directory of the Central Arizona Emergency Region:

arizona central ems system

As you can see, this map consists of 125 locations.

All locations have been further categorized into four groups of location types.

  1. Locations of Urban/Suburban emergency services, with the following location types:
    1. Hospital
    2. Fire
    3. Ground Transport
    4. Emergency Center
  2. Locations of Urban/Suburban/Rural services, with the following location types:
    1. Air Transport
    2. Fire
    3. Ground Transport
    4. Search & Rescue
  3. Locations of Rural services, with the following location types:
    1. Hospital
    2. Fire
    3. Ground Transport
    4. Emergency Center
    5. Search & Rescue
  4. Locations of Statewide services, with the following location types:
    1. EMS Agency or Assn
    2. Educational.

If you your site visitor would like to find locations of rural hospitals on this map, they would simply uncheck all the location types except the Hospital location type under the Rural heading.

As the result, your Shack Locations map directory will display 8 respective locations: 8 rural hospitals

By the same token, your map directory searcher will be able to find emergency locations by any other location type.