Quick Start Guide to Shack Toolbox

What so special about Shack Toolbox?

Modules normally enable you to display only one specific type of content. In contrast, Shack Toolbox is a multi-purpose module.

Modules usually have a few design options. Shack Toolbox has tons of design options, including a user-friendly point-and-click theming engine.

You can use Shack Toolbox to display the following content:

  • Any Joomla module
  • Joomla articles
  • Cookie Policy
  • Custom HTML
  • Facebook Embedded Post
  • Facebook Page
  • MailChimp sign-up
  • Freshmail sign-up
  • Google Maps
  • Iframe
  • Instagram Post
  • K2 items
  • Link 
  • Seblod articles
  • Twitter feed

shack toolbox content types

Displaying your Cookie Policy

Step #1. Select Cookie Policy content type

  • Go to Extensions > Modules.
  • Open the Shack Toolbox module or create a new module.

Open your shack toolbox

  • Click Cookie Policy:

Select cookie policy

  • Under the Select Cookie Policy article option, select a Joomla article with your site's Cookie Policy:

select joomla article with cookie policy

  • Create a Joomla menu item for this article. Make sure you set the menu item's Display in Menu setting to No. Otherwise, the article will throw an "Error 404".

set the display in menu parameter to no

  • Select debug for the module position:

select debug for the module position

Good job! At this point, you set what content your Cookie Policy module will display and on what position.

In the next step, you will select how your Cookie Policy module will look.

Step #2. Configure the Cookie Policy module

Use the powerful theming engine built into Shack Toolbox to determine its look and feel.

  1. Click the Theme tab
  2. Click the Next or Previous buttons to select a design theme to your liking
  3. Click Choose this theme. For the purpose of my tutorial, I selected the As Free as Simple theme. It's pretty clean and should blend into any site just nicely:

select your theme

  • Click Save or Save & Close.
  • Check how Shack Toolbox displays your Cookie Policy box at the frontend:

cookie policy box at frontend

There you have it! With just a few clicks you quickly engaged the power and simplicity of our Shack Toolbox module to display a Cookie Policy warning with a link to its full article.

Displaying your Joomla article

In this example, you will go one step further with Shack Toolbox. Let's see how to display the module with different effects.

Step #1. Select the Joomla Article content type

  • Select the Joomla Article content type in your Shack Toolbox:

select joomla article content type

  • Select your Joomla article:

select a joomla article

  • Select the module position. For this example, I selected position-7 of my Protostar template. It places the module in the right-hand column on my site.


Step #2. Configure the Joomla Article location, effects and theme

  1. Click Location & Effects tab
  2. Click Toggler Button. Your site visitors will need to click on this button to see the selected Joomla article open up inside this module.

click locations and effect click toggle button

  • Click the Theme tab you are now familiar with and select a theme to your liking. For this example, I selected the Google Material Design.
  • Click Save or Save & Close.

Check your site frontend. You should now see the toggler button in the right-hand column:

the toggler button

  • Click on the toggler button. You will see the Joomla article opened up inside the module:

the article opened up