How to Display a Twitter Feed in a Popup

Documentation for Joomla 3

You can easily display a Twitter feed in a popup using the Shack Toolbox Pro module.

Visit our Shack Toolbox Twitter Feed Demo to see how it looks and works.

To get the same popup displaying a Twitter feed, follow the instructions below.

  • Open up the Shack Toolbox Pro module for editing
  • Under the Module tab, click the Twitter Feed box:

The Twitter feed box

  • Still under the Module tab, set the following parameters:
    • Choose type: leave the parameter set to the default Screen name option
    • User name: enter your selected Twitter user name
    • Number of tweets to render: set to 5
    • Width: enter 600
    • Height: enter 500

The first group of settings

  • Still under the Module tab set:
    • Show Title to No
    • Position to debug
    • Status to Published

Title, Position and Satus settings

  • Under the Menu Assignment tab, assign this module to the required menu items.

Good job! You are almost done.

  • Click the Theme tab

Click the Theme tab and select a theme of your choice

  • Select a Theme of your choice
  • Click Save or Save & Close.

You will now see the toggler tab on the top left corner of your site:

The toggler tab

  • Click Open:

You will see the Shack Toolbox Pro popup box with your desired Twitter feed inside:

The final result

Well done! You now know how to display a Twitter feed in a popup box using your Shack Toolbox module.