What Content Can Shack Toolbox Display?

Your Shack Toolbox popup or static module can display the following:

  1. Any Joomla module
  2. Joomla articles
  3. Cookie Policy
  4. Custom HTML
  5. Facebook Embedded Post
  6. Facebook Page
  7. Freshmail
  8. Google Maps
  9. Iframe
  10. Instagram Post
  11. K2 Article
  12. Link 
  13. Mailchimp
  14. Seblod Article
  15. Twitter Feed
  16. Vimeo Video
  17. YouTube Gallery
  18. YouTube Video
  19. Zoo Article

To select the content you would like your Joomla popup or static module to display, choose the appropriate box inside the Shack Toolbox module:

shack toolbox content