Quick Start Guide to Shack User Switching

You can start using the Shack User Switching plugin within a minute.

  •  In your Joomla administrator panel, go to "Users" > "Manage":

Go to user manager

  • Find the ID of the user that you want to give the ability to access other accounts:

The ID is in the right most column

  •  In the top menu, go to "Extensions" > "Plugins":

Go to plugin manager

Find the Shack User Switching plugin

  • Within the plugin, enter the ID within Safe Mode. For multiple IDs, separate each with a comma (ex: 843,259).

Enter User ID

  • Click "Save" or "Save & Close".
  • Now you can use any Joomla login form (including the Joomla administrator) to login. Use the username of the account that you want to log into and use your password:.

Login as the user