How to Use the Tweet Button in Shack Article Sharing

Shack Article Sharing will add to your Joomla articles the "Tweet" button from Twitter:

share and like buttons at the frontend

With this button, your Joomla site visitors will be able to broadcast your content to their Twitter streams. 

Here is how social sharing via Twitter happens.

Once a visitor clicks the "Tweet" button, they will see the "Share a link with your followers" box. If they are already logged in to their Twitter account, the box will display:

  • Their Twitter username
  • The link to the content item they are sharing on Twitter
  • The "Tweet" button to send the Tweet: 

share this link box

If they are not logged in to their Twitter account, instead of the "Tweet" button, they will see "Log in and Tweet":

share this box for non logged users

To customize your "Tweet" button, you have the following settings available:

twitter button settings

  1. Enable Twitter button: This is the global option to enable or disable the display of the "Tweet" button.
  2. Position for Twitter button: This parameter allows you to change the order in which the "Tweet" button will be displayed in the row of the social icons.
  3. Via @: When your user clicks the "Tweet" button to share a content item, their tweet will have the "Via @<user>" according to your configuration.  Do not include the @.
  4. Recommend @: When your Joomla site visitor clicks the "Tweet" button, the "Shack Article Sharing" plugin will recommend on behalf of what user to share this Joomla content item.  Do not include the @.
  5. Hashtag #: When your user clicks the "Tweet" button, their tweet will include a hashtag you set here. Do not include the # symbol.
  6. Language: Set here the language for the text of the "Tweet" button.