Adding Plans to Simple Renew

Subscription plans can be inside Simple Renew Pro.

  • Go to your Joomla administrator panel.
  • Go Components > Simple Renew Pro.
  • Click New.

There are several items to set up for each plan.

subscription settings

  • Name: This name describes your subscription plan. It will appear on your subscription payment page and on your subscriber invoice. 
  • Code: Unique identifier of your subscription plan. This will be auto-generated from the name in Simple Renew.
  • User Group: When someone has this plan, what user group are they assigned to?
  • Length and Unit: How long will the subscription last?
  • Trial Period Length and Trial Period Unit: How long will any free trial last?
  • Amount: How much will the subscription cost?
  • Trial Period Length: If the subscription has a free trial, how long will the trial last?
  • Setup fee: Is there a one-time cost to join this subscription plan (separate from the repeating amount)?
  • Published: Is the plan available on the site or not?