Creating Tabs in Joomla Articles

Tabs are your great helpers when you need to present more content in a compact way. And with a nice design. Creating nicely looking tabs in your Joomla articles with our Tabs & Sliders plug-in is ridiculously easy. 

  • Create a new article or open for editing an existing one
  • Start your first tab using the plugin opening tag "tab=your tab title". Make sure you placed the curly brackets before and after the opening tag text:

Tag for creating a tab

  • Write some text below that.
  • To add another tab, use the same code snippet
  • Write the second tab's text.
  • Keep repeating the above process.
  • When you finish the text of your last tab, add this:

Closing tag for tabs

Check out how a few basic tabs with sample text would look:

This is some text above the tabs

first tab title here

some text here

second tab title here

some more text here

third tab title here

some more text here and so on..

And some more text after the tabs!

And here is a screenshot with the tabs source HTML code:The tabs HTML source code