The simple and reliable Joomla subscription extension

Simple Renew Simple Renew is the simplest and most reliable way to build a Joomla membership site.

Over the last few years, we've managed to grow Joomlashack. Yes, we have some good extensions and templates, but one thing has made that growth possible: recurring subscriptions.

The most stable businesses are subscription businesses. If you're not there yet, you really should move your business over to subscription revenue. Our aim at Joomlashack is to help you make that move by creating a reliable subscription extension that's very easy-to-use: Simple Renew.

Simple Renew is the extension we have used to power for over 5 years.

The main features of Simple Renew

Simple Renew

New subscribers are automatically added to Joomla

Simple Renew works by creating users accounts for new subscribers. As soon as someone subscribes, they instantly become get an account in the user group you choose.

Support for Stripe and Recurly

You can choose between using or to process payments: these are two of the most reliable payment gateways for subscriptions.

Simple Renew

Simple Renew

Manage your subscriptions from the backend

You can create and edit your plans directly in the Joomla admin area. The settings are synchronized with Stripe or Recurly.

Create plans in a friendly way

The "Create plan" screen is so easy to fill in. Type only the required details for your plans.

Simple Renew

Simple Renew

Test environment support

You can take advance of the Stripe or Recurly test environments. This will help you to test purchases without real money on the way. Once you're ready, switch to the "Live" mode.