Hello, We Are Joomlashack!

Founded September 2nd, 2005, the day after the Joomla project was officially launched, Joomlashack has been a reliable and leading provider of free and commercial Joomla templates, extensions and online training

After all these years, more than a million Joomla powered websites are using a Joomlashack design.  Many of the features you see on commercial templates today, like dynamic width buttons and source ordering for SEO were first developed by us.  We wrote the first official Template Design guide for joomla.org and tens of thousands have used it to develop their Joomla template skills.

We provide Inspiring Solutions to Simplify your Life

Our goal is to provide Joomla users with high quality responsive Joomla Templates that are easy to install, maintain, and update. They also work well with 3rd party plugins and extensions and can be easily customized into an infinite number of designs.

Joomlashack products are loved by Joomla beginners and professionals alike because we understand your needs better than anyone else in this industry.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Oscar Rodas

    Oscar enjoys to be in contact with anything referring to technology. That is the main reason why he studied Computer Science and Electronics. For the last couple of years he has worked with Joomla and he likes to promote it at any moment. He has been working with the promoters of the Guatemala Joomla! User Group and the Joomla! Day Guatemala. He enjoys to do sports like soccer and running. He is a great fan of action and love-comedy movies and he got married 3 years ago and lives happily with his wife and daugther.

  • Amanda Pearse

    Amanda grew up in Guatemala City of Bahamian descent. She's a Chef by profession and passion. Currently, she manages everything related to billing. Her tagline: "...wish I was always at the beach!"

  • Guillermo

    Guillermo is a young web designer and IT enthusiast. He has worked in the technology environment for the past 9 years. He enjoys videogames since birth. Comics, manga, anime and watching a lot of movies and series are his favorite hobbies. He considers himself a geek and feels really proud of himself that soon he will complete his college studies.

  • Marcos Culajay

    Marcos is a young Guatemalan Web Developer who loves two things: pizza and continuous learning. His dream is to lead a purpose-driven life and hopes to have the wisdom to understand what that purpose is. He enjoys all kinds of music if the bit is good! He recently obtained his High School diploma with an emphasis on Information Technology and is currently studying Systems Engineering. He's looking forward to be **programming in Javascript very soon**.

  • Paola Gómez

    Pao is a graphic designer specialized in web design. She has over 10 years of experience in graphic design, including 5 working at the world-renowned and high-paced **DDB ad agency**. Passionate at creating conceptual designs and typography, she's addicted to Pinterest, DIY and crafts projects. Pao lives in Guatemala with her husband Tito, and they always team up for creating websites and templates. She has always thought that *"...designers exist to make this a prettier world"*.

  • Chiara Aliotta

    Chiara Aliotta is an Italian designer with many years of experience in art direction, graphics, illustration and web design. She has created powerful and innovative designs for brands like Vodafone, Nivea, Persol, NH Hotel, Catalano, N.6 Selection Top, Osram, and many others. Before she started her freelance career with the name Until Sunday, she was a busy web and graphic designer for other companies, including Matteo Thun (Milan), Boutique Creativa (Milan/Barcelona) and Nuevvo/Joomlaworks (Athens). Her work is extremely creative, emotionally-involving, and detail-obsessed, rich with colorful illustrations that come from her imaginary world. She describes herself as a typography addict and lover of colors. Everyday life is her inspiration and it reflects in her work and in her blog. Her favorite quote is by Alexander Gilard: “Stimulate imagination, evoke emotions, bring pleasure or do nothing”.

  • Charlie Galdámez

    I describe myself as a person who likes to help others. I consider myself very creative and my passion is to understand what it each of the human beings expressions means. I studied engineering in computer science and I really like to apply technology to the social sphere.

  • Eddie Tabush

    Eddie is the owner of Meritage Assets, which owns Joomlashack. A serial entrepreneur, during the last 15 years, Eddie's gone from selling computers, to wine and cheese, to rehab services, to this, his most recent acquisition. Eddie is most proud of his work with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala since 1998. He is now serving on the international board of directors for Habitat for Humanity International, in the position of Treasurer, which oversees the program in the whole world. For his social work, Eddie has been awarded a fellowship in the Central American Leadership Initiative, a values-based leadership program of the Aspen Institute. He lives in Guatemala City with his wife, Amanda, and two children, Nina and Jacob.


The Team

Meet the best team in the world! The quality of the products they make and support speaks louder than any words!


Powerful Templates 

We launch Joomla templates built on the nimble, powerful, and versatile Wright Framework.  Our templates load fast, look great and are SEO Optimized. They can also be quickly and easily updated to the newest versions of Joomla.

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Reliable Extensions

Joomlashack Extensions are designed by Joomla Professionals to make running Joomla sites easier and more productively. Our Joomla extensions provide you with the kind of tools, service, and benefits that you wish you could use in every site you build. 


Affordable A-la-carte Pricing

Why buy a whole buffet when you only want a salad?  We don't lock you into an expensive club with recurring automatic billing. Get the template, extension or training that you want.

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Joomlashack Professional Customer Support

Professional Customer Support

We promise the BEST Customer Support Experience in the Joomlaverse.  Unlike the unreliable community forums so many other template companies rely on, our state-of-the-art system allows our customers to submit support tickets--which in turn, allows us to track customer satisfaction, response time, and employee performance. We are with you every step of the way.


Developer Template & Extension Clubs

Successful developers will tell you, the Joomlashack Developer Club is a must have for anyone who builds more than 4 sites a year. The clubs provide you with unlimited templates, extensions, rebrands, and domains.  

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Joomlashack University

Home of Joomlashack University

With beginner, intermediate, & advanced lessons, Joomlashack University has the inside secrets, tips, and advanced tricks that Joomla pros use to build successful websites. Joomlashack University is powered by OSTraining. This means that when you sign up to Joomlashack University you will get access to all OUR great content as well as ALL of OSTraining's Content--including a collection of state of the art Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, HTML, CSS, and PHP classes.


The Joomlashack Affiliate Program

Blog about our regular product releases or add banner ads and make money in your sleep.  Sites with small to moderate traffic can make $150 - $300 a month.

The Joomlashack Affiliate Program
Part of the Community 

Part of the Community

We are committed to the growth of the Joomla community, which is why we have one of the largest, free community forums. We have a mission of giving back to the community, through our service and free templates. We also are frequent sponsors and speakers at industry events.

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