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How to Use Marker Clustering in Shack Locations Pro

Introduction to Shack Locations Pro Marker Clusters

Shack Locations allows you to create a map directory on your Joomla site. Using Shack Locations, you can display multiple places on a map, each with their own custom marker.

Shack Locations Pro offers a ton of extra, really cool features. One of these features is "Marker Clustering". This enables you to group markers together if you have multiple locations that are close to one another.

You don't need to set up anything in your Shack Locations Pro for this feature to work. When you install your Shack Locations Pro, it automatically installs and enables the Markerclusters for Shack Locations plugin.

plugin enabled

Use case: Soroptimist Clubs map directory

Let's take a look at how marker clustering in Shack Locations Pro works on a live site.

You will see:

  1. The Soroptimist Clubs map directory map itself.
  2. The Soroptimist Clubs map directory legend. Please, note that all its checkboxes are empty.

soroptimis clubs map directory map and legend

There are no markers displayed on the map. This is because the legend's checkboxes next to the names of the regions are empty.

  • Click inside the checkbox next to New Zealand Central:

click inside the checkbox next to new zealand central

You will see the six markers of the Soroptimist Clubs in the New Zealand Central area:

four clasters of the soroptimist clubs in the  new zealand central area

Four of the six markers are numbered. Numbered Shack Locations Pro markers represent clusters of closely located clubs.

The number inside the marker tells you how many clubs have been clustered. Let's check it out.

  • Click on the marker above the Wellington area:

cluster of clubs in wellington

Shack Location Pro will zoom in the Wellington area. There you will see four markers. This time the markers are not numbered. This time each of them represents a single club location.

As the number within the marker suggested, there are four Soroptimist clubs in the Wellington area:

unclustered clubs in wellington area


Shack Locations Pro marker clustering is a handy feature. It intelligently ensures that your map directory will include all of your locations. It will include them regardless of how close to each other they may be located.

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