How to Use Marker Clustering in Shack Locations Pro

Introduction to Shack Locations Pro Marker Clusters

Shack Locations allows you to create a map directory on your Joomla site. Using Shack Locations, you can display multiple places on a map, each with their own custom marker.

Shack Locations Pro offers a ton of extra, really cool features. One of these features is "Marker Clustering". This enables you to group markers together if you have multiple locations that are close to one another.

You don't need to set up anything in your Shack Locations Pro for this feature to work. When you install your Shack Locations Pro, it automatically installs and enables the Markerclusters for Shack Locations plugin.

plugin enabled

Use case

Let's take a look at how marker clustering in Shack Locations Pro works.

For my demonstration, I created a map directory of New York City. My demo map includes two locations with two tourist attractions:

  • The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)
  • The Stature of Liberty.

new york city map directory locations

On the image below, you can see the two markers of these two locations:

the two markers

Take a look at how my Shack Locations Pro clustered them into one single marker after I zoomed out the map:

the two markers are now clustered into one

As you can see, the two markers have become one cluster marker. The cluster marker displays the number of clustered locations.



Shack Locations Pro marker clustering is a handy feature. It intelligently ensures that your map directory will include all of your locations. It will include them regardless of how close to each other they may be located.

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