Online Joomla Training at Joomlashack University

Ready to grow your Joomla business in 2012? Join our Joomla Training class at Joomlashack University, the premiere online Joomla learning center, and let us show you how! You'll enjoy our comprehensive array of learning content including Joomla lessons, Joomla tutorials, Joomla video tutorials, and full Joomla courses.

In October we launched as a "Joomla for Beginners" Joomla Training course, but with plans to become so much more. The incredible response (over 400 students in under 80 days) provided us with excellent feedback about ShackU and where we should take it.

What do our students want next? More learning! More Joomla lessons, more Joomla videos and Joomla tutorials, more information about how to grow their Joomla business in 2010. We've already doubled our Joomla training content in just 3 months!

Now we are pleased to launch our latest course, Intermediate Joomla Training, included as a part of your ShackU membership!

You're no Joomla beginner. What can ShackU teach you?

New intermediate Joomla training lessons are instantly accessible, including:

  • How to customize Template Colors
  • How to restore a Joomlapack backup file
  • How to build an email list with iContact
  • How to Publish your own streaming videos

With more lessons coming every week!

Joomlashack University is a STEAL starting at just $39, which includes a FREE license for our beloved Inspirion template, a $53 value.

Because ShackU grows every week with new lessons and opportunities, we're ripe for a price increase in February.

Join Joomlashack University today for just $39, and get the Joomlaverse's best Joomla video tutorials, interactive learning forum, and expert instructors! Online Joomla training is ready for you!