Wordpress for Joomla! Training now available in Joomlashack University

Wordpress for JoomlaWe recently released a very informative, in-depth training lesson in our Joomlashack University on how to set up and use the Wordpress for Joomla! extension by corePHP. Wordpress for Joomla! is a powerful new Joomla extension that allows you to use Wordpress blogging software inside your Joomla website. With Wordpress for Joomla, you can enjoy the best blogging platform integrated with the best content management system available. You can even use Wordpress plugins and Joomla modules all at the same time, on the same blog. It's amazing.

In this new Quickshot preview of Wordpress for Joomla, JSU instructor Forest Linden gives you a very brief overview of just a few of the many cool features that Wordpress for Joomla! has to offer.

If you liked this Quickshot preview and want to know more about Wordpress for Joomla!, please visit the official Wordpress for Joomla product page. If you decide to purchase it and want to know all the cool shortcuts, secret tips & tricks we found, please consider joining our Joomlashack University to get access to the complete 35 minute Wordpress for Joomla! training video AND dozens more Joomla training tutorials & videos.