All the Joomla News for February 2022

 All the Joomla News for February 2022

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Shack Locations is Ready for Joomla 4

Shack Locations is now available for Joomla 4 users! You can download Shack Locations version 2.0 and the same package file will work on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. This is the 16th extension that we've updated for Joomla 4.

See more about Shack Locations and Joomla 4

Planning Has Started for Joomla 4.2

There is an initial list of ideas up for Joomla 4.2. There is an initial list of ideas for Joomla 4.2. Here are the first 5 ideas, which were chosen because they have related Github issues:

    • Add custom fields to the Category List menu item
    • Redesign mail templates
    • Make mail templates cross extension
    • Redesign the global configuration options
    • Cookie manager

Find out more about Joomla 4.2

Videos: Mathew Tamin on YouTube

I can't believe this Joomla YouTube channel hasn't come across my radar before. Mathew Tamin has some very useful content, including a number of Joomla 4 videos:

Check out Mathew's video channel

How Custom Fields are Rendered in Joomla 4

This is a very helpful guide to custom fields for designers. You will be able to use this knowledge to create overrides for your site and show custom fields the way you intended.

Read the tutorial on rendering custom fields

Video: Fix a Broken Joomla Database

Tim Davis shares some phpMyAdmin tools that may help you debug and fix a broken Joomla database:

Watch Tim's video on fixing databases

Meet the Joomla 4 Bug Squad

Kudos to Jacob, Richard, Christiane, Nicola, Troy, and Rick. This is an interview with the Joomla 4 Bug Squad.

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Lazy Loading Images in Joomla 4

A few people have asked questions about the lazy loading feature that was planned for Joomla 4. This is a detailed overview of what happened to it:

Learn about image handling in Joomla 4

A Guide to Module Positions in Cassiopeia

Pedro Miguel posted in our Facebook group: "I made a wireframe of the Joomla 4 template, Cassiopeia. Main structure and Module positions.

See Pedro's guide to Cassiopeia

Creating a Streamlined Admin Experience

This tutorial from Crystal Dionysopoulous is a really solid tutorial on how to customize Joomla 4 for your clients:

Check out Crystal's guide to the Joomla 4 admin

Do More With Core Joomla

This is a useful new website: "Do More With Core Joomla". It includes small intros to new features in Joomla 4.1:


Video: Customizing Joomla 4's Smart Search

Marc Dechèvre gave this excellent presentation, showing how to customize  Smart Search in Joomla 4:

Watch Marc's Smart Search video

Joomla Day USA in April

Joomla Day USA is coming up in April and they have a call for speakers. It's a virtual conference so you can apply from anywhere: "We welcome presentations that engage not only designers and developers of Joomla websites, but also marketers, managers, and business owners."

Find out more about Joomla Day USA

Joomla Day Germany / Austria / Switzerland in September

We have an in-person conference scheduled! From 23-24 September 2022, a JoomlaDay for the German-speaking community will take place in Bad Hersfeld.

Find out more about Joomla Day Germany