Why should you learn Drupal?

Why should you learn Drupal?

Drupal has become, over the past years, one of the most favorite CMS large corporations choose for their enterprise solutions.  The word spread out there says that Joomla has not yet fullfilled this space in some ocassions (even though many of us know this is not true). 

There is demand for Drupal Pro's

Take a look at the IT want-ads and they will tell you that big corporations and Drupal service integrators need Drupal pro's.  A good thing for Drupal developers out there is that corporations are paying extremely well for experienced web developers.

Start Learning Drupal Today

Join Joomlashack University and you will be able to get the appropiate knowledge to start building your own Drupal websites before the Holidays.  If you are already a Joomla professional, your learning curve will be really smooth and in no time you will also become a Drupal pro.

OS Training has our back

Remember that all our Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla courses are powered by OS Training.  We also have some other coding courses.

Don't let this learning opportunity slip through your hands.  Hurry up and shop now!

The plan: "Once we have our Joomla spies positioned in all the major corporations of the world (posing as Drupal Pro's), we'll be in a position to slowly move them toward the true light: Joomla."

Author: Oscar Rodas