4 Useful Tips for Fabrik in Joomla

fabrik joomla

Fabrik is a Joomla extension that allows to create many types of applications. From simple forms to complex applications with extended database integration, the possibilities are huge.

Our members really like Fabrik, but at the same time they have been stuck regularly because the amount of features and settings are almost endless.

In this post, I'll share 4 helpful tips for when you're using Fabrik.

Tip #1. Pagination support

If you have a long form you can split it into multiple pages with pagination.

  • Go to Components > Fabrik > Groups
  • Your group
  • Pagination - multi page forms
  • Set "Page break" to Yes
fabrik joomla

For every new group assigned to the form a new page will be added as well. Make be sure at least one element is assigned to every group.

Below you can see the end result with pagination:

fabrik joomla

Tip #2. Validate fields

When building forms you will often need some fields to match certain criteria. In this example, we're going to make sure that an email field checks for valid email addresses.

Fabrik includes a validation plugin for this situation:

  • Go to Components > Fabrik > Elements
  • Choose the element
  • Validations > Add
  • Validation: isemail
  • Set an optional error message
  • Save
fabrik joomla

Test the validation on the front-end of your site by typing in an incorrect value. You should see your error message:

fabrik joomla

There are other available validation plugins available:

  • isnumer
  • isgreaterorlessthan
  • notempty
  • php
  • regex

That's not all. You can find a bigger list of validation options by searching the Fabrik area on Github.

Tip #3. Install plugins available on Github

If you need an extra plugin not available in the default Fabrik installation, go to the Github repository.

Download the Fabrik files by clicking the "Download ZIP" button on the right side of the screen.

fabrik joomla

Once the download is completed, unzip the file and look for the plugins folder.

In this example, we'll install a "Facebook like box" plugin.

  • Copy the /plugins/fabrik_element/fblikebox/ folder
  • Paste the folder inside your Joomla installation in /plugins/fabrik_element/

The end result will look like:

fabrik joomla
  • Go to Extensions > Extension manager > Discover
  • Click Discover button
  • Check the box for the new plugin
  • Click Install
fabrik joomla
  • Now, let’s enable it through the Plugin manager:
fabrik joomla

Tip #4. "Create Joomla user" plugin is missing

This final tip is related to tip #3.

We've had reports that that the "Create Joomla user" plugin is no longer part of the regular installation package. This plugin is really useful for allowing Fabrik forms to create Joomla accounts. However the plugin exists on Github.

  • Copy the /plugins/fabrik_form/juser/ folder from the Github repository
  • Paste the folder inside the /plugins/fabrik_form/ folder in your Joomla site

The end result will look like:

fabrik joomla
  • Go to Extensions > Extension manager > Discover
  • Click Discover button
  • Check the new plugin
  • Click the Install button
  • Enable it from Extensions > Plugin manager

If you want more Fabrik tutorials, check out 5 Videos to Get Started with Fabrik.