Open a Joomla Form by Clicking on a Menu Link

Open a Joomla Form by Clicking on a Menu Link

Some websites make it really hard to contact them. The "Contact Us" page is hidden in the footer. The social media icons, if there any, lead to accounts where no-one ever replies.

Why not make it as easy as possible to contact you?!?

One good idea is to place a "Contact Us" in your menu. As soon as people click on it, they'll get a pop-up box with a contact form. Your visitors don't even need to visit a different page. That's as easy as it gets.

In this post, I'll show you how to open a Joomla form directly from a menu link. 

Step #1. Install Shack Forms

We're going to be using the Shack Forms extension in this tutorial. You can get Shack Forms from Joomlashack. 

Step #2. Create the Shack Forms module

  • Go to Extensions > Modules.
  • Click "New".
  • Choose "Shack Forms Pro".

shack forms module

Step #3. Create your form

If you're new to Shack Forms, you can use the Quick Start Guide to Shack Forms.

  • One of the quickest ways to get started is to click the "Fields" tab and then click "Load sample fields".

load sample data

  • This will give you a sample contact form that you can use immediately:

sample contact form

  • On the first page of Shack Forms, make sure your form is set to show in a "Lightbox Window":

layout form

Step #4. Place your form

Next, you need to place your form inside a lightbox that can be access via a menu link.

  • Click the "Documentation" tab.
  • Click the button that says "Click here to assign". This is needed because your form needs to be published on every page.
  • At this point, I also recommend saving your new module.


  • Under the "Documentation" tab, click "Add new menu item".
  • You'll now be taken to the menu creation screen. The "Link" will be automatically entered for you, but make sure to enter a title for your link.
  • Save your menu link.

menu link

Step #5. Test your form

  • Go to the front of your site and look for your new menu link:

contact menu link

  • Click the menu link and you should see your new form inside a lightbox. If anyone wants to get in touch with you, it's going to be super-easy!

lightbox form

So that's how you show a Joomla form that can be accessed just by clicking a menu link.

We also have a WordPress version of this tutorial: How to Open a WordPress Form by Clicking on a Menu Link.