How to Embed Joomla Ustream Videos

How to Embed Joomla Ustream Videos

Ustream is a really popular way to publish videos on the web.

Did you know that you can add Ustream videos to your Joomla site, using just a URL?

You can do that with the OSEmbed extension. Here's how easy it is to make Ustream work with Joomla ...

Step #1. Install OSEmbed

Joomla Ustream Videos

Step #2. Get the Ustream video URL

  • Visit and find the video you want to embed.
  • Take the URL of the video. It will be in this format:
Joomla Ustream Video embed

Step #3. Add the Joomla Ustream URL to an article

  • Go to your Joomla site and login.
  • Add the Ustream video URL to a Joomla article:
Joomla Ustream Video embed preview

If you have the Pro version of OSEmbed, the URL will automatically be turned into a working Joomla Ustream embed! You'll see a preview inside the editor:

Joomla Ustream Video in the admin

The Joomla Ustream video embed will work perfectly on the front of your site.

Joomla Ustream Video in an article