5 Courses to Help Your Started with Joomla

There is a common question we get from Joomla beginners who just joined Joomlashack.

They want to know how to start with Joomla and what kind of video classes they should take.

Here's an overview of 5 video classes to get you started with building, maintaining, securing and speeding up your Joomla site. All of these courses are available to Joomlashack Everything Club members as part of Joomlashack University.

Course #1: The Beginners Guide to Joomla 3

This class teaches you all of the essential concepts and knowledge you must have before you get started with Joomla. The lessons are aimed at people who are completely new to Joomla. You don't need any experience or know any coding.

In this class you will learn:

  • The easy to implement a seven-step process for building Joomla sites.
  • How to quickly install Joomla remotely or on your own computer.
  • How to efficiently work with Joomla content using CASH workflow.
  • How to add more cool features to your site with Joomla extensions.
  • How to easily change the design of your site with Joomla templates.
  • How to allow users to register on your site and how to manage them.
  • How to maintain your Joomla site and how to keep it safe.

Watch the course introduction:

Course #2: How to Build Joomla 3 Sites

This video course builds on The Beginner Guide to Joomla 3. Rod Martin takes you through the process of building a complete Joomla site. Following Rod, you will learn how to build a site from the ground up.

  • How to install Joomla site.
  • How to plan Joomla site.
  • The Must Have's for every site Rod built.
  • The CASH content workflow.
  • Some important Joomla features.
  • How to extend Joomla with components, modules, and plugins.
  • Introduction to template overrides, language overrides and custom CSS.
  • How to set up access control.
  • How to move the site to a remote server.
  • How to maintain the site.

Watch the course overview:

Course #3: How to Maintain a Joomla 3 Site

This class follows directly from the "How to Build Joomla 3 Sites" course. In these lessons, we show you how to manage what users and administrators can do and see on a Joomla 3 site. Rod explains user access control. He also shows you how to maintain, backup, update and move your Joomla site.

Watch the course introduction:

Course #4: How to Keep Joomla 3 Sites Safe

This is the class you can not afford to miss. All content management systems get attacked. Some experts estimate 30,000 websites get compromised every day! Keeping your Joomla website from getting hacked isn't hard, but there are some basics that you simply must ensure get done.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • Understanding the basics of Joomla security.
  • Updating your Joomla site.
  • Updating your extensions.
  • Using Akeeba Backup to backup and restore your site.
  • Using Admin Tools to keep your site safe.

Watch the course introduction:

Course #5: How to Speed Up Joomla 3 Sites

In this class, Rod gives you 10 tips on getting your Joomla site running much more quickly. The quicker your site, the better experience its visitors will have, both on a mobile device, and on the desktop. Rod covers 10 things you need to do to ensure that your Joomla site runs as fast as possible:

  • How to test your site to know where you are.
  • How to choose a good hosting company.
  • How to manage Joomla and its extensions well.
  • How to enable the Joomla cache.
  • How to enable Joomla compression.
  • How to optimize the .htaccess file.
  • How to optimize your images.
  • How to optimize your CSS and JavaScript.
  • How to use a Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
  • What extensions can help you speed up your site.

Watch the course introduction:

What's Next?

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