How to Display a Popup via a Link with Shack Toolbox

How to Display a Popup via a Link with Shack Toolbox

In this blog post, I wrote about how to display a Shack Toolbox popup using a Joomla menu item.

But with Shack Toolbox you can also display a Joomla popup via a link. This allows you to trigger a popup from within your Joomla content at will.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use a link within a Joomla article to display your Shack Toolbox popup.

For my demonstration, I set my popup to display a Joomla article.

Firstly, you set your Joomla popup to display your preferred Joomla article.

In your Shack Toolbox, you would go to the "Module" tab and click on the "Joomla Article" box:

click joomla article

Important: Your popup module must be assigned to the module position "debug":

assign your popup the debug position

As with any Joomla module, you would assign this module the required page(s).

Well done! Next, you have a small problem to solve.

By default, Shack Toolbox will display to your Joomla site visitors a toggler, a button. They would click on it to open your Shack Toolbox popup. Your goal, however, is to replace this default button with a custom link. 

The button has to go. Let's hide it.

To do that you would click the "Location & Effects" tab:

click location and effects tab

Then you would go to the "Before opening" section:

click before opening

There your goal will be to click the "Hidden" radio button:

click hidden

Good job! Now let's give our popup a small opening effect.

You would go to the "After opening" section:

How to Display a Popup via a Link with Shack Toolbox

There you would want to click "Lightbox - Fade-in":

click lightbox fade in

Excellent! You are one step away from creating a link to open this module from within your Joomla article. You just need to get the module's link itself.

To get it, you would click "How to Display Shack Toolbox via Menu item, HTML and JavaScript":

click how to display shack toolbox via menu item

Under "HTML code" you locate the "Open by link" setting and copy the link:

find this link

Now would be a good time to click "Save & Close".

Good job! At this point, you have set your Joomla popup. You also have its link. You are ready to paste the popup's link in your required Joomla article.

Once done with pasting, you are ready to test the final result.

Go to your Joomla site frontend, open your Joomla article and click the link. You will see the popup opening:

final result

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Alex is a self-taught Microsoft Certified Professional based in England. He enjoys learning Joomla and helping beginners and web site administrators make the most of it.