How to Display a Popup From a Menu Item with Shack Toolbox

Shack Toolbox is your Swiss Army Knife of Joomla modules. It allows you display a vast variety of internal or external content.

Shack Toolbox content can be triggered in many ways. including via a Joomla menu item. For example, you can trigger a pop-up window when people click on a menu item.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to display a Joomla popup via a menu item with Shack Toolbox.

The key for you will be:

  1. To make sure your Joomla popup is hidden before it is called by its menu item
  2. To make sure you used the "URL" menu item type to call your Joomla popup.

Let's discuss this in more details.

With Shack Toolbox, your Joomla popup or static module can display content from nineteen various sources. For this demonstration, my Joomla popup will display a Joomla article.  

To achieve this, you would start off by going to the "Module" tab and clicking on the "Joomla Article":

click joomla article

Next, you would assign this popup module to the required page(s) and set it to the "debug" postion:

assign your popup the debug position

By default, Shack Toolbox will display a toggler for your Joomla popup. We don't need since we will be calling up the popup via a Joomla menu item. So, you would want to hide that toggler. 

For that, you would click the "Location & Effects" tab:

click location and effects tab

Then you would click "Before opening":

click before opening

Next, you would need to click "Hidden":

click hidden

After that, you would go to "After opening":

How to Display a Popup From a Menu Item with Shack Toolbox

There you would click "Lightbox - Fade-in":

click lightbox fade in

At this point, you made sure your Joomla popup is hidden before it is called. You also set how to display it once it is called.

Now is a good time to get the URL for the Joomla menu item. For that, you would click "How to Display Shack Toolbox via Menu item, HTML and JavaScript":

click how to display shack toolbox via menu item

Under "Menu Item", you would find the string resembling #pwebbox98_toggler and copy it:

find this link

Now you can click "Save & Close". You've set your Joomla popup module and you got its link.

You are ready to create the required menu item by the "URL" type. You paste the link you just copied into the menu item "Link" field and save this menu item:

create menu item

There you have it. Now, when you go to your Joomla site frontend and click this menu item, you will see the popup opening:

final result

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