What Analytics Tools Do You Use With Joomla?

What Analytics Tools Do You Use With Joomla?

This week, we've been working on improvements to Shack Analytics.

Joomla site owners often have scripts such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Clicky, Facebook, MailChimp and other sites. But those scripts are hidden away inside random modules, plugins or template files. Shack Analytics can help!

Shack Analytics is a single extension to manage all the analytics code on your sites. Here are guides for using some popular analytics scripts with Joomla:

After installing Shack Analytics, you'll see a single dashboard with room to add the analytics for your site.

shack analytics codes in Joomla

Shack Analytics also allows you to place analytics code on specific menu items and articles. This makes it simple to target landing pages or "Thank You pages". This is helpful if you're running eCommerce ads and need to track conversions.

Analytics codes in Joomla

We want to hear from you ...

We've just released a couple of new versions of Shack Analytics, with more to come later this month. We've also been improving the Shack Analytics documentation.

We'd love to hear from you. What analytics tools do you use with Joomla?

Let us know in the comments below. We'll make sure to test and write documentation for all the analytics codes you use.

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