Introducing the New Joomlashack Logo

Introducing the New Joomlashack Logo

I owe a big "Thank You" to the Joomlashack community.

Just over two months ago, I wrote a post called "We Are Working on a New Joomlashack Logo".

I described all the problems we found while trying to design a new logo. In the end, I presented a new version of the logo and said:

"We place an incredibly high value on what our users think. So this final step in the rebranding process is to show you our ideas and walk through the process."

So what did you think about the new logo? Generally, you hated it! You didn't like the logo graphics and you didn't like the use of the Roboto font.

And you know what? You were right!

The more we read and listened to your feedback, the more we realized that logo was not good enough.

So for we restarted the design process and kept going through new iterations and new versions. Finally, we have a version that's worthy of Joomlashack and its 14 year history:

Introducing the New Joomlashack Logo

What was our big mistake? For too long, we were thinking about the word "shack" and trying to create a logo that directly referenced that part of the company name. We tried to add a door, windows, a roof and even a chimney stack!

None of our "shack" logos worked, and we had to take a more stylized direction. This new logo is more playful and less literal.

This logo is significantly more colorful than the old Joomlashack logo, and the first version we showed to the Joomlshack community. Here's the new logo compared to the old:

new logo vs old

Not only is the logo different, but also the font is considerably changed. We opted for Source Sans Pro, which was the first open-source font released by Adobe. It is less cramped the old wordmark and gives the letters more room to breathe.

Thanks to the Joomlashack community

A few people said we were brave to ask Joomlashack users for feedback.

I'd say the opposite. It would be crazy not to!

You guys saved us from making a serious mistake. Your feedback on the original blog post was incredibly constructive and helpful.

We're glad the process is over, but we're re-energized to keep creating great products for you.

About the author

Steve is the CEO of Joomlashack. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve has been involved with Joomla since 2006.