Beginners Guide to jInbound Thank You Pages

Inbound Marketing graphic representation

A Thank You page is an essential part of Inbound Marketing. Get it right and your Thank You page will create extra conversion opportunities for you.

In this video, you will be given an introduction to Thank You pages in our jInbound marketing component. You will learn how to create them for additional conversions.

You will also get a tip on how to store videos or downloadable PDFs which you would like to link to your Thank You pages.

What Are Thank You Pages in General

If you are a beginner to Thank You pages, you most likely already saw them. It could have happened when you purchased something online. Or it could have happened when you shared some information on a website.

You filled in a product order form, clicked the Submit button and was shown a page with a message, similar to "Dear <your name>! Thank you for purchasing <product name>...".

Or, maybe, you subscribed to our free book offer:

free book offer form

and was shown the screen as in the image below:

thankyou box

Be it a popup box like the one in this image or a dedicated webpage, the main thing is you get to see it once you submitted a form.

What Are Thank You Pages in jInbound

A Thank You page you would build with our jInbound Inbound Marketing component is a form.

You don't need to be a coder to build it. You can build it the same way as you would build a landing page.

Having said that, you don't have to build Thank You pages for your landing pages in jInbound itself. You can build it with a Joomla article, or with any CCK. Use K2, or EasyBlog, if you wish.

jInbound also allows you to send a person, who filled in a form on a landing page, to an external URL:

redirect to url

Watch our video lesson to learn about Thank You pages in jInbound in more detail: