Introduction to Inbound Marketing Lead Stages for Absolute Beginners

Introduction to Inbound Marketing

In the previous post, you learned what Inbound Marketing is. You learned how users move through the sales funnel and about the meaning and purpose of Inbound Flow.

In this video post, you will take the next step and learn about the lead stages. You will learn how to classify leads in each of them.

You will hear about the different types of content used at different lead stages and when and why leads become qualified for further activities.

Lead stages and the funnel process are really the framework of the entire inbound marketing methodology.

The whole point of employing an inbound strategy is so that you can talk to, and exert energy on the right people at the right time in their consideration and purchase-making process.

In this video, you will go through the three inbound marketing funnel stages. We will categorize them as also life cycle stages.

Technically anyone with any of those funnels can be considered a top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, or bottom of the funnel life cycle user.

We are going to talk about two stages which are called MQL and SQL stages. You will hear what those are and what the purpose of categorizing people that way is.

The benefit of using lead stages, I guess you could say, some people call them life cycles stages, is for lead nurturing.

This helps us to categorize where people are at within the purchase consideration process. There's also a whole lot of benefit on top of that, not only to the user but also to us.

Watch this video to learn the Inbound Marketing Lead Stages.