Security Best Practices for your Joomla Agency

Security Best Practices for your Joomla Agency

We held the Joomlashack Conference over 3 days in mid-November.

This was a free conference featuring 20 of the best speakers from around the Joomla world.

I was amazed at how good the presentations were. We're currently editing all the videos and posting them to the Joomlashack YouTube channel. There's a single playlist for all conference videos.

This presentation is from Vic Drover, the CEO of Watchful. We've written before about how we rely on Watchful here at Joomlashack.

Joomla users tend to know a lot about securing their websites. But website security best practices is literally the tip of the web agency security pyramid.

In this presentation, Victor discusses the three levels of that pyramid. He put website security in context with the other levels of security that are recommended for successful agencies.

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