This area contains the changelogs for recent versions of the OSEmbed Free extension. Click here to access the main OSEmbed page

OSEmbed Free v1.4.15

  • Load Embera directly from source repository
  • Update Embera to latest v1.x version
  • Update provider list

Commit Log

  • 1554f92 Release v1.4.15 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 93e14b8 Shorten update server name [Bill Tomczak]
  • fc216d0 Update provider list [Bill Tomczak]
  • 0b6b888 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 15ac745 Use Embera repository directly [Bill Tomczak]
  • cc62a98 Update to last v1.x.x Embera version [Bill Tomczak]

OSEmbed Free v1.4.14

  • Prevent operation on search result pages
  • Update Embera library (Fixes Playbuzz support)
  • Internal admin updates

Commit Log

  • 369688c Release v1.4.14 [Bill Tomczak]
  • d384571 Update Joomla version requirements [Bill Tomczak]
  • a54602c Merge pull request #20 from joomlashack/EMBED-166 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9d6f193 Update file headers [Bill Tomczak]
  • fb32edc Add missing comments [Bill Tomczak]
  • 9323c88 Use more flexible context check [Bill Tomczak]
  • e6ecc57 Disable functionality based on context [Valentín García]
  • f41a043 Minor comment fix [Bill Tomczak]
  • e56b2d1 Update embera library (Fixes Playbuzz) [Bill Tomczak]

OSEmbed Free v1.4.13

  • Updates Embera library - adds support for Playbuzz
  • Sync version level to pro version

Commit Log

  • c13ebdc Merge branch 'master' into development [Bill Tomczak]
  • 96bb00a Release v1.4.13 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 7d385db Remove old library files [Bill Tomczak]
  • 929f2b7 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • ed51ae4 Update Embera library [Bill Tomczak]
  • 83f27a3 Update LICENSE [OSTraining]
  • f446973 Fix target platform [Bill Tomczak]

OSEmbed Free v1.3.13

  • Fixes an issue that breaks some embed types. e.g. Getty Images

Commit Log

  • d5b34cc Release v1.3.13 [Bill Tomczak]
  • f6d48e2 Merge pull request #19 from OSTraining/EMBED-163 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 39e84dc Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • a518ac1 Fix issues with customized Embera class [Bill Tomczak]

OSEmbed Free v1.3.12

  • Fixes responsiveness lost in last release

Commit Log

  • 0fac779 Release v1.3.12 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 76f4253 Bump dev version [Bill Tomczak]
  • 89f98f4 Move customization into local codebase EMBED-162 [Bill Tomczak]

OSEmbed Free v1.3.11

  • Fix Twitter php 7.3 regex error
  • Updates for NFB, Youtube providers
  • Remove Silk
  • Add Infogram
  • Add Vimeo support for private urls
  • Add support for UStream recorded schema
  • Fix Instagram php 7.3 regex error

Commit Log

  • 32c3212 Release v1.3.11 [Bill Tomczak]
  • ab0f5ad Update Embera library [Bill Tomczak]
  • 36c42ba Revert "Twitter - PHP 7.3 RegEx Fix" [Bill Tomczak]
  • a2bdef9 Twitter - PHP 7.3 RegEx Fix [Nick Savov]

OSEmbed Free v1.3.10

  • Load osembed stylesheets

Commit Log

  • d9c741b Release v1.3.10 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 896fab3 Merge pull request #18 from OSTraining/EMBED-159 [Bill Tomczak]
  • bee4383 Increase version [Valentín García]
  • f260ddf Load osembed.js [Valentín García]

OSEmbed Free v1.3.9

Update Embera library

Commit Log

  • 659f21e Release v1.3.9 [Bill Tomczak]
  • a87500f Update to Embera library [Bill Tomczak]

OSEmbed Free v1.3.8

Minor maintenance release

Commit Log

  • 977d261 Release v1.3.8 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1ffcc16 Update deprecated usages [Bill Tomczak]
  • 2d58605 Info url [Valentín García]
  • dd22bb4 Minor fix to copyright notice [Bill Tomczak

OSEmbed Free v1.3.7

Maintenance release. No new features or bug fixes

Commit Log

  • 4f766f9 Release v1.3.7 [Bill Tomczak]
  • 2cd383c Update file headers [Bill Tomczak]
  • 1e72ba7 Fix some comments/file headers [Bill Tomczak]