Joomla Social Icons extension

Easy Social Icons

Let people find you on social media. Link to your social profiles with these stylish icons.

Easy Social Icons Documentation

JCal Pro Joomla events and registrations component

JCal Pro

JCal Pro is the best calendar and event registration extension for Joomla.

JCal Pro Documentation

Marketing automation for Joomla without the high monthly costs


jInbound offers powerful and affordable Joomla marketing automation.

jInbound Documentation

OSCampus the Joomla LMS


OSCampus is the complete Joomla Learning Management System (LMS).

OSCampus Documentation

Add content quickly to Joomla


OSContent allows you to quickly add articles, categories and menu links to Joomla

OSContent Documentation

PayPal donation button extension for Joomla


With OSDonate you can easily add PayPal donation buttons to Joomla.

OSDonate Documentation

Downloads extension for Joomla


OSDownloads is a file downloads directory, with lots of cool features!

OSDownloads Documentation

Embed anything from videos to social media with just a URL


Embed anything from videos to social media in Joomla, simply using the URL!

OSEmbed Documentation

OSMap Joomla sitemap extension


OSMap is the most popular Joomla sitemap. Get found by Google!

OSMap Documentation

Joomla metadata extension


OSMeta makes it really easy to edit metadata for your Joomla pages. Improve your SEO!

OSMeta Documentation


OSpam-a-not is the holy grail of Joomla spam protection. No more ugly CAPTCHAs!

OSpam-a-not Documentation

countdown clock extension for Joomla


OSTimer is a countdown clock extension that shows how long is left until any date.

OSTimer Documentation

Vimeo extension for Joomla


OSVimeo is the most powerful way to add Vimeo videos to Joomla. Just use the URL!

OSVimeo Documentation


Add Wistia videos to Joomla and take advantage of all Wistia's cool features.

OSWistia Documentation

Add YouTube videos to Joomla


OSYouTube is most popular way to add YouTube videos to Joomla. Just use the URL!

OSYouTube Documentation

Joomla Shack Analytics extension

Shack Analytics

Shack Analytics is one extension to manage all your analytics codes.

Shack Analytics Documentation

Display your Joomla articles in flexible and beautiful layouts

Shack Article Layouts

Display your Joomla articles in flexible and beautiful layouts.

Shack Article Layouts Documentation

Shack Article Manager

Shack Article Manager

Shack Article Manager is the best way to manage articles from your Joomla frontend.

Shack Article Manager Documentation

Joomla social sharing extensions

Shack Article Sharing

Shack Article Sharing allows your visitors to share your content on Facebook and Twitter.

Shack Article Sharing Documentation

Shack Editorial Calendar The best editorial calendar for Joomla

Shack Editorial Calendar

This extensions enables you to organize all your Joomla content from a single calendar.

Shack Editorial Calendar Documentation

Shack Error Notify

Shack Error Notify detects and reports site errors.

Shack Error Notify Documentation

Shack Forms the Joomla forms extension

Shack Forms

Shack Forms is the easiest and most powerful Joomla forms extension.

Shack Forms Documentation

The mapping solution for Joomla

Shack Locations

Shack Locations allows you to create a location-based directory in Joomla.

Shack Locations Documentation

Shack Open Graph

Shack Open Graph

Make sure your Joomla site looks great when it's shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Shack Open Graph Documentation

Joomla slideshow extension

Shack Slides

Create beautiful slideshows from your Joomla articles, images folder, and other sources.

Shack Slides Documentation

A free extension that improves your Joomla search box

Shack Search

A free extension that improves your Joomla search box. Get instant search results!

Shack Search Documentation

Shack Spreadsheets - The easy way to import spreadsheets in Joomla

Shack Spreadsheets

The easy way to import and display spreadsheet data in Joomla.

Shack Spreadsheets Documentation

Shack Toolbox

Shack Toolbox

Shack Toolbox integrates your Joomla site with 19 media and marketing sources.

Shack Toolbox Documentation

Log into user accounts without compromising their passwords

Shack User Switching

Log into user accounts without compromising their passwords.

Shack User Switching Documentation

Simple Renew

Simple Renew integrates Joomla and Recurly to run your membership site

Simple Renew Documentation

Joomla Tabs and Sliders extension

Tabs and Sliders

Display and organize your Joomla content with these beautiful tabs and sliders

Tabs and Sliders Documentation

Use Help Scout to support your Joomla users

Shack HelpScout

Use Help Scout to support your Joomla users.

Shack HelpScout Documentation

The JCal Pro Events Calendar is Coming to Joomlashack

jcal pro big Last week, we announced that over a dozen extra extensions were coming to Joomlashack, thanks to a merger with Alledia.

So, if you're a member of our Extensions Club, you will suddenly get 400% more value. Instead of 5 extensions, you'll have access to about 20.

Alledia's extensions include some of the most popular extensions in Joomla, such as OSMap, OSYouTube, Tabs and Sliders and more.

Today, we're can add one more to that list: JCal Pro

JCal Pro is one of the most popular calendar and events components in Joomla.

We intend to make Joomlashack a one-stop destination for all your Joomla needs. We hope you'll agree that this another big step in that direction!

About the author

Steve is the CEO of Joomlashack. Originally from the UK, he now lives in Sarasota in the USA. Steve has been involved with Joomla since 2006.