How to Create a Multi-Day Event in JCal Pro

Documentation for Joomla 3

In some use cases, you may need to create a multi-day conference event in JCal Pro for your Joomla site.

The three-day online "Joomlashack Conference 2019" that we held in November 2019, is a perfect fit to demonstrate such use case.

  • We held this online Joomla conference in 2019 in three days: November 6, November 7, and November 8.
  • On November 6, the event started at 12 PM (US Eastern time) and finished at 6 PM.
  • On November 7, the event started at 8 AM and finished at 7 PM.
  • On November 8, the event once again started at 8 AM and finished at 7 PM.

Here is how this multi-day event would look like in a JCal Pro calendar:

final result

If you have a similar event spreading though several days, here is how you would create it in JCal Pro:

  • Create parent and child events.
  • If required, edit every occurrence of the child event.

Let's take a look at this process step by step in more detail. Once again, for this demonstration, we will replicate the schedule of the "Joomlashack Conference 2019".

Step #1. Create parent and child events

  • If you are new to JCal Pro, see this document on how to create a new event.
  • Under the "Event Details" tab, begin creating the first-day event:
    • Title: Enter your conference title. For my demonstration, I entered "The Joomlashack Conference 2019".
    • Primary category: Select the event category.
    • Enter the first-day event description.

the parent event details

That's all you need to do under the "Event Details" tab. Let's move on.

  • Click the "Event Date" tab:

click the event date tab

  • Enter the event start date and time into the "Start Date" field. For my demonstration, I entered  "2019-11-06 12 PM":

enter the first day event start date

  • Enter the number of hours of the duration of the first-day event into the "Hours" field. For my demonstration, I entered 6:

enter 6 hours length for the first day event

  • Click the "Repeat Method" tab:

click the repeat method tab

  • Click "Repeat Daily":

repeat daily

  • Under the "Occurrences", enter "3" after "End after":

enter three occurrences

  • Click "Save & Close".

You will see the three events listed: one - as a "Parent" and the other two - each as a"Child":

all three events listed in jcalpro

JCal Pro created the two child events for you automatically. 

This happened since under the "Repeat Method" tab you clicked "Repeat daily" and set "End after 3 occurrences" under the "Occurrences".

You now have all three days of your multi-day event listed as JCal Pro events. 

But here is a potential problem: your two child events inherited their start and end time from their parent event:

start and end date of the parent and child events

If this is OK for your use case, keep the start and end dates of your child events intact. If, it is not, go to Step #2.

Step #2. Edit every occurrence of the child event

  • Open your first child event. 
  • Click the "Event Date" tab and edit its "Start Date" and "End Date" settings. For my demonstration, I set the start date of my second-day event to 8 AM and the end date to 7 PM:

the start and end dates of the second day event

  • Repeat this step for the third-day event.