Getting Started With JCal Pro

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Download and Install JCal Pro

If you have an active subscription at Joomlashack, you can download JCal Pro inside your Joomlashack account.

  • Go to Extensions > Manage > Upload Package File
  • Upload the Package File by clicking Browse.
  • Click Upload & Install.

This page has full installation instructions for JCal Pro.

Important Set-up Task #1: Timezones

JCal Pro will function quite well with no changes to the configuration. However, you will need to choose the timezone for your location:

  • In the Joomla admin area, select System > Global Configuration from the main menu.
  • On the Server tab, locate the "Locations Settings" section.
  • Using the "Server Time Zone", adjust the timezone offset to match your location.
  • Save your changes.

time settings jcal pro

Important Set-up Task #2: Menu Link

In order to function correctly, JCal Pro must be published on the frontend of your web site. You must create a menu item for JCal Pro.

  • In the Joomla admin area, go to a Menu. For example, Menus > Main Menu:
  • Click New.
  • Click on the blue "Select" button.
  • Choose JCal Pro from the list of available menu types.
  • Choose your desired view. The "Monthly View" is a good option for this step.
  • Give your menu item a title, such as "Event Calendar".
  • Save your menu item as "Published".
  • JCal Pro is now enabled on your site's frontend:

01 main menu item page

Video Introduction to JCal Pro