How to Request Email Addresses for File Downloads in OSDownloads

Both OSDownloads Free and Pro versions are your best tools for building email lists in Joomla.

You can use OSDownloads to offer a free file download in return for visitor's email address. Here's an image showing the email request:

The Before Download box

How to Set up Email Address Collection

Next, you need to create a file in OSDownloadst. This is the file which you will offer for download in return for an email address.

  • Go to Components > OSDownloads Free > Files
  • Click the New green button.

The New button

  • Enter your file name into the Name field. In our example, we called it "Free PDF SEO Guide for Beginners".
  • Upload the file from your hard drive using the Choose file button:

The Choose file button

  • Click on the Requirements to Download tab:

The Requirements for download tab

  • Since your goal is to require an email address in exchange for the file, click Yes for the Require Email setting:

Require Email > Yes

If you wish to require from your visitor to agree on certain terms and conditions:

  • Create a Joomla article with such terms and conditions.
  • Click on the Select button of the Agreement Article setting and select the article.
  • Click Yes for the Require Agreement setting.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will skip these steps. 

  • Click Save & Close.

Nearly done. You just created a file to offer for free download in exchange for an email address. You are ready to make it available to your site visitors.

  • Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item

You will see Menus: New Item administrative page. 

  1. Enter Free SEO Guide into the Menu Title field
  2. Click Select for the Menu Item Type setting.

Menu item title and Select button

  • You will see the Menu Item Type white modal box. Click OSDownloads Free > Single File:

Single File menu

  • The modal box will close and you will see the Menus: New Item page again. Click on the OSDownloads options tab:

OSDownloads Options tab

If this file is the only one you so far created in OSDownloads Free, you will see its name inside the File field:

The file name inside the File field

  • Click Save or Save & Close.
  • Now go to your site front end. You will see this menu item for the file download page nicely displayed to your visitors.

Front end menu item displayed

How The Emails Work in OSDownloads

When your visitor clicks on your menu item, they will see the file download page:

Once they click the Download button, they will be required to enter their email address:

Requiring email address

After they entered their email address and clicked the "Continue" button, the file will become available for their download. It also possible to send the file download directly to the user's inbox. This is a useful way to verify that their email address is working and correct.

File available for download